Monday, September 27, 2004

web based organizer

We have got a lot of web based applications, web based email, web based notepad, web based map... And there are lot of web based organizer either.

However, the is one problem, how to make money through these web based organizer. The key could be a search engine especially local search. Most of the content in an organizer is something like this "at 10am, go to see WHO for WHAT at WHERE". If we can identify WHO, WHATand WHERE, and make user to search the web, while not disturbing his or her work, we are going to have business. We can identify A is a person, because he is in the contact list. As B and C, we don't identify them, we can let people tell us. We can just let people input "what to do" and " where" in different input area. Then the search engine will know what to search.

"WHERE" is very important infomation, a local search engine could provide much information about the local area.


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