Sunday, February 05, 2006

What W3C should do something for web developer.

W3C should do more for web developers. They should give web developers an official method to support different browsers in a single CSS file.

I have spent several hours looking through the comments at "IE Blog". I am not a Microsoft lover or a hater. I am kind of web developer. So I only concerned the view points from web developers. To sum up, the world of IE is going to consisted of three members again, while the new comer, IE7, still behave different from other standard compliant browsers. So a web developer should consider four groups of browsers, IE5, IE6, IE7 and the last group including all of the "alternative" browsers.

This is complicated. A nightmare for the web developers.

There have been some "CSS hacking". But I think there should be something better.

W3C should do something. It's the reallity of the web. There are two coexisting standards on the web. The first one is set by the W3C. And the second one is set by the grid of web browsers. None of these browsers support a full set of W3C standard. Each of these browsers has their own bugs.

So it is nice to have a tag to isolate CSS code for different browsers. Just as the "@media ..." tag, we can have "@browser ..."

The current choices can be "IE5, IE6, IE7, Gecko1_8, Gecko1_9, khtml..."

Oops, if W3C do so, we are going to get a new standard and a bunch of new browsers will get into the already condusing browser grid.


Anonymous HandyAndE said...

If IE is ignoring, worse - breaking compatibility with - W3C standards then surely having a standard for finding non-standards will not help either,
I mean, M$ will just "improve" the IE engine to break everything again.

no? I mean - if experience teaches us anything...

11:59 AM  

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