Wednesday, September 29, 2004

good online advertisement and bad online advertisement and the ugly ones.

Nowadays we see a lot of online advertisement, we are forced. And most of them are bad. However, we don't see so much bad advertisement on paper or TV. Every Sunday, I and my wife will be very happy to get huge roll of Washington Post. And we open the colorful section together, she look for advertisement and I look for the comics. This never happened online. Because the advertisement online is bad. Most of them are annoying, intruding, they are not what I need, they are nothing really different from spam. We need to stop it. And the advertisement at google is better. They are not so intruding. They know what I am looking for, but some time they are a little ugly. It's art of characters, people need to work on ASCII like stuff to make the advertisement of Google a little more interesting, pretty and humorous. So online advertisement companies, stop, and think.


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