Thursday, October 14, 2004

OpenOffice + browser based document system

We all know that OpenOffice save files in the xml format, and browsers are supposed to be able to display xml files. And Sun has OpenOffice and Sun is good at servers.

So, how about this. Sun could make OpenOffice run on the backend servers, headless servers, together with some system like the, then people edit their document online. And Sun could provide 1G space for free with ad support like google. If you want to have something without ad, OK, pay please. And some of those advertisement may actually be useful.

Word processor shouldn't be a problem, the spreadsheet shouldn't be a big problem either. Don't we already have a presentation in Mozilla? yes, we have.

And the drawing program could be implemented by the "canvas" tag introduced by Apple.

And all of them should be able to be produced as PDF. And files should be able to be published for all of the people to see on the web. If you want to some control of access, OK, get your viewers registered and list their user name. And the files are also be able to be downloaded and opened by OpenOffice.

Moreover, a book publishing system should be able to be constructed on this system.


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