Monday, October 18, 2004

What else a search engine could do?

What else a search engine could do except search? There are many things a search engine could and should do. Basically a search engine has a large database, ah... huge. There are many data inside, it is stupid not to use that data.

One function a search engine could do is analyze the growth of a website. And website should keep adding more and more information to itself. And a search engine could provide information about how this website adding new information to itself. Or the growth curve of the website. It could be linear, square, log or square root of time.

The other thing a search engine could do is analyze the obsolete rate of a website. There are pages that people are not interested anymore, a search engine should be able to see that trend.

The third thing a seach engine is able to do is analyze the growth of other websites, especially "websites with great similarity". This sounds like a spy, but useful...

The fourth thing, to monitor the stability of a website. netcraft is running such service.

The fifth, to give information related with geographical distribution. The business of real world is done at different geographical positions. Or simplify it as provide "whois" information together with No. 1, 2, 3, 4.

The sixth... lemme think.


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