Sunday, October 17, 2004

Say good bye to Table&Graphics, say hello to CSS

We web developers used a lot of table stuff and graphic secret to make beautiful pages, ah... at least in the eyes of designers. Many old guys like are still using that because they don't want to introduce bugs I believe. And some new guys like also using this tricks, but I don't know why.

We are in the useful CSS world now, we don't need 1px*1px transparent gif anymore, boxes of text can be positioned to where we want exactly. We can produce round corner with graphics and we can produce transparent layers either. Well, in certain browsers like firefox. And as more and more people adopting this new browser, the microsoft will be forced to work on their IE again, to adopt the CSS standard. And the official browser of Apple and KDE also.

This is good to our web developers, or web application developers. There is a list of mine for IE to implement

  • CSS selector
  • Round corner
  • Table layout
  • Multi-columnar

If major browsers could do this, no matter it is Firefox or IE, the Web will change forever and the web developers will be able to have a good sleep. But who will command the IE to change. The firefox of course.


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