Thursday, March 09, 2006

Official Google Blog: Writely so

Official Google Blog: Writely so

So google is acting. The Writely, a openDocument compatible online word processor.

Now let's wait for the news of s5 and others.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Google and SUN

I just read this. An article about sun, google and openoffice. But nobody is mentioning what the openoffice is doing. Could google working on something like thinkfree office online? Maybe. Google can link a web based office suit with the storage space at gmail, and google pages.

I fill MS will try to slowdown the development of its dominating web browser, IE. In case the web based office suit could replace their office. However, their action may resulted in a higher firefox and Opera adoption. But if I am the Bill at Redmond, I will make it happen quicker and have people attracted to MSN and "Metro".

Well, where is the Yahoo?

Google adsense

There should be more colorful choice for google adsense. If my website has a background of black, I won't be happy to have a white block around.

The iTunes Media Store

So there are some rumor about apple is going to sell long movies via iTMS. Why not? And they may also going to sell eBook, eBook enhanced movie, VH1 style enhanced movie. Also they could sell electronic version of papers, news... You may ask what's the difference between the websites of those papers and TV the iTMS version? We can read it directly on the iPod. So why not we call the iTMS the iTunes Media Store?