Sunday, December 12, 2004

what we can learn from google suggest

  1. XMLHttpRequest is quicker than iframe
  2. Don't use SOAP

google suggest

The new google suggest is funny.

But can they do local?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Weird things.

There are several things I found recently.

The first one is that my blog's google ranking is 5. There is barely visitor to my blog, I know. I searched via google, found out that the only links linking to my blog are from, actually, my sig at slashdot. Thus you can increase your google ranking by add your website as signature at a forum website like Weired? Isn't it?

During my research of the mystic google ranking, I found that google now supporting searching for information about "who is linking me". Will they provide a visualized geographic related graph? Maybe. Will they show search result in pattern? who knows.

The stuff behind showing search result in pattern

The stuff behind showing search result in patterns is that the search engine could understand the content and the relationship between them. People are working to make search engines to understand the query words typed by the users of search engine. But it should be equaly important for the search engine to understand the content on the web. Weired? A little bit, I admit.