Thursday, September 30, 2004

firefox msi

good good,, should also develop a msi installer. because, it is good for the big companies.

who is linking me?

I would like to know who is linking me. I think the search engines know, but they don't tell me. Lemme think a method...

photo book online publishing

We all do a lot of blogging stuff, ah..., somebody call it online publishing. And there are also a lot of online digital photo printing stores. However, there is a big chance for search engine provider like google or yahoo to make a online photo book publishing service.

A simple version of this service can by online photo display and printing. The printing service will charge money and display service is free. However, the display service will be surported by the advertisement.

Basicly, we all would like to add some comment of the picture when we post them online. And the comment could be used as key words to show the advertisement. And in most case, the picture is showing something good and something beautiful. And as a result, the viewer will be affected and say "I want to either...", then, click the advertisement about the picture.

At a higher level, the online display service could render the pictures in a pdf format ebook, with beautiful frontpage and other stuff. And then the pdf book could be printed out at a local kinko store and pick up by the user. Or maybe printed out many copies and sent out via fedex. This will charge money of course.

I could see a lot of this kind of books be printed out about wedding, birth of baby, and vacation, construction of a new house...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

good online advertisement and bad online advertisement and the ugly ones.

Nowadays we see a lot of online advertisement, we are forced. And most of them are bad. However, we don't see so much bad advertisement on paper or TV. Every Sunday, I and my wife will be very happy to get huge roll of Washington Post. And we open the colorful section together, she look for advertisement and I look for the comics. This never happened online. Because the advertisement online is bad. Most of them are annoying, intruding, they are not what I need, they are nothing really different from spam. We need to stop it. And the advertisement at google is better. They are not so intruding. They know what I am looking for, but some time they are a little ugly. It's art of characters, people need to work on ASCII like stuff to make the advertisement of Google a little more interesting, pretty and humorous. So online advertisement companies, stop, and think.

Monday, September 27, 2004

web based organizer

We have got a lot of web based applications, web based email, web based notepad, web based map... And there are lot of web based organizer either.

However, the is one problem, how to make money through these web based organizer. The key could be a search engine especially local search. Most of the content in an organizer is something like this "at 10am, go to see WHO for WHAT at WHERE". If we can identify WHO, WHATand WHERE, and make user to search the web, while not disturbing his or her work, we are going to have business. We can identify A is a person, because he is in the contact list. As B and C, we don't identify them, we can let people tell us. We can just let people input "what to do" and " where" in different input area. Then the search engine will know what to search.

"WHERE" is very important infomation, a local search engine could provide much information about the local area.

Saturday, September 25, 2004


后退: Shift+向下滚动鼠标轮
创建新标题栏: 在标题栏空白处双击

Friday, September 24, 2004


goolge published a new interface by xul at what's interesting is will report error 404.

does support Chinese?

can you see 中文? and firefox

It looks mozillaquest is not active anymore. But this website did make some points. For example, the author of mozillaquest claim mozilla was controlled by netscape, and that was bad. I think he was right. mozilla shouldn't be controlled by netscape. Netscape was dead. It is the reality. And should begin from the zero again, ah..., almost zero.

And did. Firefox is the answer.

Did you guys look at the search engine from amazon, I like this search engine in someway. I like the way it put the web search and others in different columns. That idea is wonderful. Nowadays we have bigger screen with higher resolution, it is kind of wasteful if we put only one column. And maybe google can make something like a "Google for higher resolution screen". And like, put several columns, 2 or 3 are OK. But google need to make it cool. So maybe google can add some cool features, like the put more columns with smaller font and some transparency, and dynamically change "focus" of different columns. This could be done simply by changing the CSS style class property of a div or whatever.